Precipitor Plus ref.: M0004 (20950€)

Precipitor Plus is a fully automated magnetic bead platform for large-scale protein and nucleic acid purification. Precipitor™ Plus can process up to 5 ml of sample volume and handle 1 to 24 independent samples from a wide range of sources includ- ing DNA, RNA, protein, cell/tissue lysates, whole blood, serum, and plasma. The robotic arm consisting of parallel magnetic rods transfers the sample from one well to the next via the action of magnetic beads for mixing, binding, washing and elution reactions. The system contains pre-programmed reaction protocols which the user can select directly from the on-screen display. It also allows for modification and creation of new protocols via an external PC. The whole reaction process takes only 30-120 minutes depending on the specific experiment. Precipitor™ Plus simplifies the labor intensive operation, shortens cycle time, and delivers faster results for your research and clinical studies.

Application of the Precipitor Plus:

* Immunoprecipitation
* Chromatin-Immunoprecipitation
* RNA-Immunoprecipitation
* Recombinant Protein Purification
* Nucleic Acid Purification

Advantages of the Precipitor Plus:

* Process up to 5ml of sample volume
* Handle 1 to 24 independent samples
* Deliver reproducible and consistent results
* Allow walk away operation
* Ease of use and flexible platform

precipitor plus precipitor plus

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